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Ready To Open A C-Suite For Christ Chapter In Your Town?

“I will turn to you and make you fruitful and multiply you and will confirm my covenant with you.” – Leviticus 26:9

Our C-Suite for Christ family is growing. Do you feel a call to help cover the world in Christ?

We’re nurturing new chapters of C-Suite for Christ across the world. Our goal is to gain a foothold both nationwide and internationally, even as traditional church membership declines.

God will not be stopped!

Ready to step in? Are you the person to bring C-Suite for Christ to your town?

The barriers to entry for a new chapter of C-Suite for Christ are minimal. Our business model forecasts steady, reliable revenue. You will be faithfully supported by our home office as your chapter forms, and begins to do God’s work.

Thousands of business executives across the U.S., and worldwide, are associated with C-Suite for Christ. Share the Good News, as God commands, and behold the passionate response from people who hunger for the peace and fulfillment that only He provides.

If you feel the pull, quit wondering!

E-mail Paul M. Neuberger, founder of C-Suite for Christ, at to explore planting the seeds of a tree that will flower, and be abundantly fruitful.

God is indeed on the move. He will not be content until every person, wherever they live, can participate in our organization’s abundant worship of Him.

Open a chapter of C-Suite for Christ in your neck of the woods and be amazed at the blessings that follow!